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A Foraging dinner created by Scott Pampuch of Corner Table
Nature tours led by experts :: Beef from the farm
Sunday, May 16, 2010, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. :: Ralph Lentz Farm :: 32797 738th Street, Lake City, MN

A Localicious podcast about the event is available here >>
More photos of the event by Kris Hase are available here >>

Cooking: Although preparation had begun days before, the outdoor kitchen was set up Sunday morning.

Scott Pampuch transports wood for the fire. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Starting the fire. Almost everything was cooked outdoors. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Seasoning the beef. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Ramps. The bulbs were braised and served with other vegetables. The leaves flavored the potato salad. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

(Photo: Val Landwehr)

Niki from Corner Table was the sous chef. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Sirloin. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Morels cooking. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

The food Many vegetable dishes, five cuts of beef and rhubarb galettes and cookies for dessert.

Bread from Rustica. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Coleslaw decorated with edible flowers. Roasted beets with blue cheese on the right. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Nettles. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Pickled ramps. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Potato salad with ramp greens. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Roasted ramps and nettles. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Rhubarb mustard. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Short ribs. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Slow roasted beef. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

Apples and cheese came out again for dessert, along with rhubarb tarts and cookies from Rustica. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

In the buffet line, and finally picnicing.

Scott Pampuch carves grilled sirloin. He also served tongue and marinated heart. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

“Root beer” floats made with Flat Earth sarsaparilla and Cedar Summit vanilla ice cream. (Photo: Val Landwehr)

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