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Snail in the Park 2008
A Slow Food Minnesota Summer Potluck and Lecture Series

Each potluck picnic has a guest speaker who lives out the Slow Food ideals in his or her daily life.

The first three picnics took place at the picnic shelter at Hidden Falls Park in Saint Paul.

First picnic: Sunday, June 8, 4:30 to 8 p.m.
Seth Bixby Daugherty on Good Food in Schools

• Chef Seth Bixby Daugherty talked about Real Food Initiatives, the organization he formed with his wife, Karen, to raise awareness of food issues in schools and bring change to the status quo.

• Heather Saliba, our grillmaster, made Thousand Hills hot dogs and veggie dogs.

Josh Dix provides links to related online video:

The reason city workers were checking up on our event is because they’ve had problems with people skateboarding on top of the picnic shelter. One of the park workers told me there is a video on the Internet, and people are traveling quite far to skate there.

Well, I found the video. It’s pretty amazing, the kids who shot this video are really good.

Link to skateboarders at Hidden Falls Park >>
Link to Seth on the Rachael Ray show >>

Second picnic: Sunday, July 13, 4:30 to 8 p.m.
Dave Massey of Northwoods Organic Produce discussed the problems of big agriculture and the need for saving heirloom seeds and maintain biodiversity

• “Farmer Dave” grows only organic produce and his farm is certified sustainable by Food Alliance Midwest. He specializes in heirloom varieties and participates in a seed-saving program. Preservation of biodiversity, the focus of Dave's work, is a major objective of Slow Food and an issue often overlooked by mainstream media.

Third picnic: Sunday, August 10, 4:30 to 8 p.m.
Ken Meter of Crossroads Resource Center on Finding Food in Farm Country

• Ken Meter, a Slow Food member, attended Terra Madre in 2004 and 2006 and helped coordinate the Slow Food on Film festival for the Twin Cities. As president of Crossroads Resource Center in Minneapolis, Ken advises community groups in 18 states as they build local food networks. He consults with Land Stewardship Project, is a board member of Gardening Matters, and is active in the national Community Food Security Coalition. He helped write a sustainability plan for the city of Minneapolis. Formerly he taught at the University of Minnesota, the Harvard Kennedy School and Metro State University. As a journalist, he covered the farm crisis in the 1980s and food and trade issues from 12 nations.

Ken Meter spoke on small farms and the economy.

Marianne Jurayj grilled hot dogs.

Henry was our youngest guest.

Salad from Marianne's garden.

Anise hyssop poundcake.

Salads and ratatouille.

Fourth picnic: Sunday, September 21, 2 p.m., at Shepherd’s Way Farm, Nerstrand, MN
Steven Read on farming as a way of life. Jodi Ohlsen Read on cheesemaking.

Slow Food Minnesota visited this beautiful farm on the last day of summer. Participatants enjoyed a slow potluck along with grilled lamb and anise hyssop tea.

Steven Read conducting a tour.

Marianne Jurayj and Dave Massey at work.

The table.

“This was probably the best potluck I’ve ever gone to. Fabulous food, much of it seasonal and local,” says Steve Young-Burns, who shot this photo and the one of Steven Read.

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