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Informal gatherings at local-centric restaurants where members
and their guests get to know one another, have a delicious meal
and learn about the chefís ingredients and philosophy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at Sen Yai Sen Lek, Minneapolis

A delicious Thai feast was cooked for us by Joe Hatch-Surisook, who combines traditional Thai cuisine with good environmental practices. The restaurant’s Web site is http://www.senyai-senlek.com/ >>

The four-course menu included 11 dishes:
First Course
Po Pia Tod. Crispy spring rolls with mung bean noodles, wood ear mushrooms, carrot, cabbage, Fischer Farm pork.
Miang Kam. Thai lettuce wraps with peanuts, dried shrimp, ginger, lime, toasted coconut, Thai chilies, red onion.
Tod Mun. Curried fish cakes with Kaffir lime leaves. Cucumber salad.

Second Course
Som Tum. Green papaya salad with long bean, Thai chilies, tomatoes, dried shrimp, lime.
Moo Tod Gratiem. Garlic and black pepper marinated Fisher Farm pork strips.
Khao Neow. Steamed sticky rice.

Third Course
Pad Kee Mao. Wide rice noodle stir fry with Thai chilies, Thai basil, Fischer Farm pork.
Pad Prik Khing. Prik Khing curry stir fry with long bean, tofu, Kaffir lime leaves.
Gaeng Karee. Stewed yellow curry with Callister Farm chicken, potatoes, carrots.
Khao Hom Mali. Steamed jasmine rice.

Fourth Course
Sankaya. Pandan custard with Buttercup squash and sweet coconut sauce.

Sunday, November 7, 2010 at Hell’s Kitchen, Minneapolis

We met for brunch at Hell’s Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. We were able to choose two courses from a special menu. Toasted sausage bread (with bison sausage), lemon-ricotta hotcakes and huevos rancheros were popular choices. As we ate, Mitch Omer, the chef-owner, and Cynthia Gerdes, his wife and a co-owner, talked about their down-home way with good local food.

Thursday, September 16 at Sapor Café, Minneapolis

Our September gathering was at Sapor Café. Tanya Siebenaler, a chef who works with a palette of global flavors, prepare a summer-into-fall menu designed around food she found at nearby farmersí markets.
The menu:
Tomato-arugula salad with Amablu cheese dressing
Butternut squash samosa with ginger-cucumber raita
Black bean cake with pulled pork and roasted pepper mojo (also vegetarian version)
Banana semifreddo with caramel sauce and shortbread

Tuesday, July 20 at The Craftsman Restaurant, Minneapolis

Members and guests, 20 in all, met at The Craftsman for our chapterís first Convivial Table. Since it was late July, there was much talk of gardening and farmersí markets. At my table, in the middle of a conversation about Antarctica, we were distracted by the olive-sized cucumbers in our salad, and we learned that they are called watermelon cucumbers (for their shape, but not their size). Even Slow Foodies can be taken by surprise. During dessert, Mike Phillips, the chef, joined us to talk about the meal and how he got started in charcuterie.
The menu:
Phillips charcuterie and mostly-local cheese platters with bread
Farmer's salad (greens, vegetables, egg)
Pasta with mushrooms, greens, squash blossoms and sausage
Raspberries and cream with chocolate shavings

(Photo: Val Landwehr)

(Photo: Jane Rosemarin)

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