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Pizzas and other flatbreads at the Saint Agnes Baking Company, 644 Olive Street, St. Paul. Saturday, November 10, 2007

The event was an opportunity for Saint Paul Bread Club and Slow Food members to get to know one another, learn, and have fun working with dough.

The day began with a demonstration by Klecko McGleno, Saint Agnesís head baker. He made a roasted garlic and herb bread. There was enough dough so that everyone could practice shaping and scoring and afterwards have a loaf to take home. In another part of the bakery, Bill Middeke made Stollen.

When the herbed loaves were moved to the proofing box, the pizza dough (made with organic, local flour) was mixed. Soon everyone was stretching dough and adding toppings. The pizzas went into the oven, and the sampling began. There was Stollen and brownie cupcakes for anyone who left room for dessert.

Demonstrating garlic-herb loaves

A view of the Saint Agnes Bakery as Klecko McGleno demonstrates making garlic-herb bread.

Three of the ovens at the bakery.

Klecko, center, and David S. Cargo at right, during the demonstration.

Loaves rest in the room-sized proofing box.

The rack of loaves is locked onto a clasp at the top of the steam-injection oven. The rack rotates slowly as the bread bakes.

Klecko answers question about the finished loaves.

Demonstrating Stollen

Bill Middeke demonstrated how to make Stollen, a German Christmas bread. Here, he rolls the finished dough.

A Stollen for observers to taste during the demonstration.

Making pizza, flatbreads, calzones ...

Pizza dough in progress: adding water (from a hose) to the Hobart mixer bowl.

Thirty pounds of flour went into the dough.

David Cargo and Paul Stevens turn out the kneaded dough.

Next, the dough was cut and weighed.

Each one-pound piece was formed into a ball, flattened, ...

rolled, ...

stretched, ...

tossed ...

and topped.

Participants made 30 pizzas and flatbreads and a few calzones, stromboli and focaccias. The last of the dough was baked without topping to take home for later use.

Assembling an Alsatian tarte flambée.

Grapes and goat cheese.

Pizza with pesto and pine nuts.

Smoked chicken on a pesto base.

Pears and Shepherdís Way blue cheese.

Pomegranate seeds!

Saint Agnesís brick-floored deck oven, where the pizzas were baked.

A just-baked pizza.

The photographers were too busy eating to take pictures of the serving tables with freshly baked pizzas. A view of a table, meal in progress.

Dessert. Photos by Val Landwehr and Jane Rosemarin.

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